Honor Your Caregiver

Only one caregiver each year is honored with the National Compassionate Caregiver of the Year (NCCY)® Award. Yet more than 3,160 compassionate caregivers have been recognized since 2008 by grateful patients and families who make a donation to the Schwartz Center in their name.

The Honor Your Caregiver program celebrates the thousands of acts of compassion, whether modest or exceptional, rendered every day by caregivers of all kinds.

By donating to the Schwartz Center, grateful patients express their gratitude while giving more people the opportunity to experience compassionate care.

Join us. We are leading a movement to bring more compassion to every patient-caregiver interaction. We help caregivers practice compassion every day. We honor caregivers for all acts of compassion whether large, small, heroic or humble.

Honor a compassionate caregiver with a donation to the Schwartz Center. We’ll add your caregiver’s name to our Compassionate Caregiver Honor Roll, and we will also send a Compassionate Caregiver certificate on your behalf. Make your thank you count! Join the movement to bring compassion to the heart of care.

Make a donation & honor your caregiver

If you have any questions about giving, please contact Clara Lauterwasser at 617-724-0249 or clauterwasser@theschwartzcenter.org.


National Compassionate Caregiver Honor Roll
Caregivers Honored January 1, 2019 – October 30, 2020

Caregivers receive a letter and certificate each time they are honored by a patient, family or colleague.
The Compassionate Caregiver Honor Roll is updated each month.

Evangeline Andarsio, MD
Rachel Bennett
T. Bennett
William Bennett, MD
Marisa Bochman, MD
Eric Bonnem, MD
Chris Bradley
Priscilla Brastianos, MD
Brigham and Women’s
Hospital – Maternity/
Delivery Team
Broad Reach Health
Rochelle Butler, LPN
Marie Caggiano, MD
Manuela Cernadas, MD
Jen Cervantes, RN
Edwin Choy, MD, MPH
Jeffrey W. Clark, MD
Brian Cohen, MD (2)
Robyn Cohen
Wendy K. Cohen, LICSW (2)
Karen Conley, RN
Carolyn Crosby, MD
Douglas Dahl, MD
James Dineen, MD
Barbara Donovan
Heidi DuBois, MD
Jon Stuart DuBois, MD
Judy Dunal, MD
Brianna Dwyer
Katherine E. Economy
Brian Edlow, MD
Scott Elisofon, MD
Jackie Everett, RN
Rodney Falk, MD
Sergio D. Fefer, MD
Richard Feifer, MD, MPH
Allen Feng, MD
John Ferguson, MD
Marco Ferrone, MD
David S. Finn, MD
Anne Fiore, DNP, ANP-BC
Alice L. Fisher, MD
Kristin Fleischmann-Rose, NP
Jonathan Friedstat, MD
Stacy Garrity, CNP
GAs at Regis Autism Center
Joanne B. Glusman, MSW,
Michael J. Goldberg, MD (3)
John David Goodson, MD
Mark Gorman, MD
Stephanie Gould-Marian,
Batya Greene, MSW
Daniel A. Haber, MD, PhD
Rachel F. Haft, MD
Jeanne Helner, RN
Paul Hesketh, MD
Neely Hines, MD
Munther Homoud, MD
Mary Jane Houlihan, MD
Therese M. Hudson-Jinks,
Judith Ierardi (2)
Alyssa Johnson, RN
Deborah M. Jonas, MD
Glenn S. Kehlmann, MD
Carrie Kelleher, RN
Nancy Keuthen, PhD
Hamed Khalili, MD, MPH
Adam Kibel, MD
Adrienne Knopf, MD (2)
Cheryl Kram, RN
Irene Kuter, MD, DPhil
Glenn M. LaMuraglia, MD
Karen Laning, RN
Michael S. Levin, MD
Jeff Levy, MD
Beth A. Lown, MD (3)
Marlise Luskin, MD
Thomas J. Lynch, MD
Margaret R Macy, NP
Allison Manis, PT
Bessie Manley Szum, RN, MPH
Mary E Manning, MD
Travis Matheney, MD
Sophia L. Maurasse, MD
Zelma McBride
Kelly McInnis, DO
Marie McIntire, Ph-C, MPH
Casandra McIntyre, RN
Kirsten Meisinger, MD
Mwanasha Merrill, MD
Metrohealth MC – Child &
Adolescent Psychiatry
& Psychology
MGH Blake 12 Intensive
Care Unit Staff
Maria Renee Milcetic
Comer, MD
Sara Mixter, MD
Laurie E. Moulis, LPN
Susan Mullaney
Theodore Murray, MD
Britteny Lee Naughton, LPN
Manhattan Hospital
Samuel Ng, MD, PhD
Norman Nishioka, MD
Oreofe O. Odejide, MD, MPH
Dawn Pelazza, RN
Emma Penti, LICSW
Timothy Petersen, PhD
Gary D. Pfeifer, PhD
Katelyn Pierce, RN
Allan E. Pineda, MD (2)
Altaf Pirmohamed, MD
Alexandra Polito
Lucille Pono, RN
John Powell, MD
Deepanwita Prusty, MD
Darlene Ramos, MD
Maura Reidy, NP
Wayne W. Reynolds, RN
Claudia Richter, MD
Tim Rivotto, PT, DPT
Celeste Robb-Nicholson, MD
Amy Roberts, MD
Jerrold F. Rosenbaum, MD
Kari Rosenkranz, MD (3)
James Roseto, MD
Holly Rothermel, MD
Nancy Rotter, PhD
Ann Ryan, RN
Monica Sabia, RN, BSN,
Carla Samson, MD
Isaac Schiff, MD
Adam Schwarz, MD
Robert Seeherman, MD
Michael Shahan
Alice T. Shaw, MD, PhD
Michael S. Sherman, MD,
South Shore Hospital –
Emerson 6
South Shore Hospital –
Palliative Care
Susan Stafford, MD
Edison Jules Stanzler
Peter G. Steinherz, MD
Janice Sugrue, RN
Kenneth K. Tanabe
Jennifer Temel, MD
The Henrietta Brewer
Tufts Medical Center –
Proger 7 Nurses
Tufts Medical Center
Department of
Nadine Muskatel Tung, MD
Mary Ulrich, MD
UMass Memorial Children’s
Medical Center Pediatric
Nursing Staff
Gloria Valenti, RN
Steven Vandor, MD
Ruth Ann Vleugels, MD, MPH
Israel Wacks, MD
Andrew W. Walter, MD
Julianne Wehr, MSN, RN
Ann Kaytee Welsh, MD
Hilary White, MD
Eric P. Winer, MD
Scott Wolf, DO, MPH, FACP
Wendy L. Wornham, MD
Maria Yialamas, MD
Richard J. Zangara, MD
Corrine Zarwan, MD
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