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Research shows that compassion is great medicine, enabling patients to thrive, caregivers to rediscover their passion for healing, and health systems to prosper. Our programs build engaged and resilient healthcare staff who are prepared to provide the most compassionate, patient-centered care possible.

By joining the Schwartz Center healthcare member community, your organization signifies its commitment to compassionate care and joins hundreds of healthcare organizations throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and 190 sites throughout the U.K. and Ireland that recognize the critical role of compassion in improving quality, reducing costs and improving patient satisfaction.

If your organization is interested in joining our healthcare member community, please complete the brief membership inquiry form and a Schwartz Center staff member will reply.

Healthcare Member Benefits

Training and support

Schwartz Rounds®–  Access to training, support, and resources to implement and sustain the program (one-time additional fee)*

Unit-Based Schwartz Rounds – Training, support, and resources to implement and sustain the Schwartz Rounds variation, bringing the program to the point of care at the time of need*

Virtual Schwartz Rounds – Training, support and resources to implement and sustain the Schwartz Rounds variation, bringing connection, community and engagement to healthcare providers remotely*

Stress First Aid (SFA) Training Program – A psychological first-aid framework originally developed by the National Center for PTSD to support the military and first responders adapted to provide mental health support to healthcare providers.

Organizational Trauma Toolkit – Created to support caregivers in the aftermath of mass tragedies, including special pricing for expert in-person facilitation and guidance from Schwartz Center’s chief medical officer (coming soon)

National Schwartz Rounds – Invitation to participate in the single-topic Schwartz Rounds conducted by the member community focusing on an issue affecting the healthcare community (e.g., the impact of the opioid epidemic). Includes additional facilitation guides, case studies and resources *

Member Experience Advisor – Designated staff person providing guidance and support tailored to your organization’s specific needs

Facilitation Workshops – Full-day advanced skills training for Schwartz Rounds leaders to learn and refine key facilitation skills through observation and participation, includes continuing education credits free of charge *

Office Hours Webinars – Opportunities to learn from Schwartz Center staff and the member community about a variety of topics related to Schwartz Rounds (live and archived post-broadcast) *

Schwartz Rounds marketing and promotion toolkit *

* Available to healthcare members conducting the Schwartz Rounds program


Annual Compassion in Action Healthcare Conference – Member-exclusive registration pricing for multi-disciplinary international healthcare conference

Expert on-site trainings – Special pricing for trainings on topics such as burnout, compassionate communication, hiring for compassion and more

Compassion in Action webinar series – Learn from international experts on compassionate care, hosted by Schwartz Center Chief Medical Officer Beth Lown, MD (live and archived post-broadcast)

Schwartz Center thought leadership events – Special pricing to events on topical issues related to compassionate care (e.g., The Impact of Technology on the Patient-Caregiver Relationship)

Schwartz Center white papers – Access to research on topics such as the impact of compassion on health outcomes, best practices and recommendations for creating a compassionate healthcare environment


Schwartz Center Member Day – Invitation to member-exclusive programming and recognition dinner at the Annual Compassion in Action Healthcare Conference

Member Community website – Exclusive access to the Schwartz Center member website and resources *

Member Community newsletter – Monthly newsletter highlighting Schwartz Center program and event updates

Schwartz Rounds Peer Mentor – Connecting members with one another to provide peer guidance and support (coming soon) *

Community Gathering Toolkit – Created to help convene members regionally to share best practices and connect with other Schwartz Center member organizations (coming soon) *

* Available to healthcare members conducting the Schwartz Rounds program


Corman IMPACT Honors – Eligibility to submit for the recognition program which celebrates innovation in compassionate healthcare

Annual Kenneth B. Schwartz Dinner for Compassionate Healthcare – Special pricing for the celebration of the National Compassionate Caregiver of the Year Award

National Compassionate Caregiver of the Year Award Toolkit – Access to materials and resources to develop a recognition program within your organization to feed into the national Schwartz Center program (coming soon)

Schwartz Center’s healthcare member badge and logo – For use on marketing materials to distinguish your organization’s commitment to compassionate, collaborative care

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